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The details that surprise and win customers

The details that surprise and win customers

The details that surprise and win customers

Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.
(Leonardo da Vinci)

The difference between something good and something big is the attention to detail.
(Charles R. Swindoll)

Who wants to do great things must think deeply about the details.
(Paul Valéry)

It’s the small details that are vital. The little things make great things happen.
(John Wooden)

Small details that are imperceptible decide everything!
(WG Sebald)

The detail is as important as the essential. When it is inadequate, it destroys the whole creation.
(Christian Dior)

The details are important, it’s worth waiting to take care of them
(Steve Jobs)

Think about it: you take care of every aspect of your project.
The angle of the photos, the lights, the colors, the arrangement of the objects ..
And when it comes to furniture, you use impromptu solutions: white or low-definition printed cardboard, painted walls, roll up..

Do you know why nobody is amazed by these solutions?
Because you can clearly see that they are fake.
They do not even try to look real.
And they make the whole project look “cheap”.

Imagine this: you are about to enter in your dream car.
It’s just the way you want it: the color, the tires, the sound of the engine,
You open the door and you are about to enter but..
..All the seats and interiors are lined with a cougar texture that was trashy already in the 90s, never mind now!

How does your dream car look like now?

The details are what amazes any customer
The details make the difference because they prove your level of commitment and the passion you put into your work.
Few people take care of the details because … it’s difficult.

Until now you could use real furniture – with all the related cost and logistics problems – or you had to compromise with the solutions we saw above.

But now taking care of the details and making your customers feel coddled is easy thanks to these realistic cardboard kitchens.

Look closely at the degree of realism:


You can buy them with a 20% discount, but there’s a short time left.

Power to professionals!

Fabiano Gollo
RE.DA – Realistic furniture for professional home staging projects

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