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Real estate and home staging: how to use coherence to win customers

Real estate and home staging: how to use coherence to win customers

Real estate and home staging: how to use coherence to win customers

Would you ever buy an attic in the center of Milan, in front of the Duomo, through an unknown real estate agency in the suburbs?
Would you ever entrust the money you saved during your whole life to a shabby financial advisor?
Would you ever follow the advice to lose weight from a chubby friend?

Let’s face it … anyone would struggle to take even one of these choices.

And do you know why?

Because all people, including you and me, are full of prejudices.
I mean the word in its narrowest sense, pre-judgment: judging a priori, without knowing exactly.
We all have a very precise idea of ​​what, in our opinion, should be the world.

That’s why I asked you those questions. We all think that:
“The real estate agency that deals with luxury properties must be in the center of large cities.”
“The financial promoter must know the investments so he must have a stable financial position.”
“… If these tips to lose weight really worked my friend should weight a few kilogramm less …”

It’s bad to say, but it’s like that ..

These prejudices create clear expectations in people’s minds and everything that does not fit into these patterns terrifies them. They got stuck and they postpone, especially the purchase decision.

Do you know what happens when people find themselves in front of the “scheme” they have imagined?
They buy the attic in the downtown agency.
They entrust the savings to the professional promoter.
They follow the advice to lose weight of a dietician or a person they admire for his body

This is because if there is COHERENCE between their mental scheme and the experience they live they feel safe, protected. As if everything went according to their plans.
On the contrary, everything outside the scheme is scary.

The primordial instinct that we carry with us for millennia comes into play. At that time the unknown could kill you: maybe there were wolves and you should have run to save your life.

Over the years the instinct remained the same: there are no wolves anymore but the unexpected always generates fear.
And fear drives away.

The same thing happens to your customers when you propose them to do home staging.

In the best case they already know what it is, how it works and the value it has.
In the worst case they have no idea so they look for some photos on the internet.

In both cases, the time comes when they create this scheme in their head:


and they expect real furniture.
Because the photos they saw had real furniture.

Nobody ever told them about cardboard furniture.
Nobody ever told them about printed roll up.
Nobody ever told them about “painted walls” to simulate furniture.

You are the first to show them these things.

He looks  at your projects and …
The client stiffens.

“It’s not like I was expecting it … what’s going on here?”

Alarm bell, suspicion and fear grow.
When in doubt, it is better to let it go..he think…

“No thanks, I’m not interested”

Here we go again.
Another customer who “is not interested” to sell the house earlier and better ..
How is that even possible?

At this point, if you want to get out of this situation there is only one way.
You have to take the long road and explain for months why home staging – even with cardboard furniture or other extemporaneous solutions – works. Data, statistics, photos, reviews, words …
Basically you have to change the way he thinks about home staging.

Albert Einstein said: “It is easier to break an atom than a prejudice.”

So .. good luck …

But you can also take the short road.
That is to skip this “explanation” phase and go straight to the conclusion of the deal.
You just need to insert yourself in the mental scheme of your client and propose results that are identical to those in his head, so that the idea of ​​investing money to enhance his home slips without friction and appears the most natural thing in this world.

Think about how much time you would save and how much satisfaction your job would give you if you could acquire new customers with the same ease with which you order  a coffee at the bar.

What you love about home staging is..doing it!
You do not want to spend your life explaining what it is and how you do home staging to convince your customers to trust you.

So you have 3 possibilities:

  1.  do nothing and continue to acquire few customers, in a long time, with so much effort and with many “explanations”
  2. investing several thousand € for a warehouse and for real furniture
  3.  spend 80% less than real furniture and get the same result – without needing the warehouse – which is realistic projects  (even if they are made with cardboard) and tons of customers asking you to stage their property, without having to give them many “explanations”.

If you choose the third option and hurry up, you can also save 20%.
Get access to the cardboard kitchens that nobody distinguish  from the real ones by clicking here!

Power to professionals!

Fabiano Gollo
RE.DA – Realistic furniture for professional home staging projects

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