Realistic Cardboard Kitchens


We use only high definition print to give your property the WOW! effect you were looking for.


The same effect of a real furniture with 80% discount.


Choose the most suitable style for each property among many textures and colors!

Easy to Transport

Cardboard is a very light material. Once disassembled it take up little space: you can put 2 whole kitchens in a car. You do not need vans for transport or freight elevators to reach the upper floors.

Easy to assemble

No complicated joints or screws or bolts. No drill to use to make holes. Thanks to practical joints you can assemble and disassemble the modules with a single gesture, as many times as you want.


Designed to withstand over time. Thanks to the use of the most robust carton on the market and to a lamination of opaque plastic that protects the print you can assemble and disassemble the same kitchen as many times as you want and use it in several projects.


7 modules to combine to create your custom furniture.

100% Made in Italy

The project has been entirely developed and produced in Italy.

Discover RAPIDO

The PATENTED system to assemble and disassemble the modules in 7 seconds. Watch the NON-INSTRUCTIONS video

Let’s talk about STREGHT…

Cardboard module vs 105Kg of cast iron. Who will win? Watch the video to find out.

Let’s talk about ROBUSTNESS …

Cardboard module vs 105Kg of cast iron. Who will win? Watch the video to find out.


The classic collection with wooden doors, niche and metal handle


The minimal collection, a hymn to Italian design, with pressure doors


The modern collection with grooved handles and contemporary finishes


Download the catalogue and discover all the available customizations


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