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Your tool to amaze and win over customers

Your tool to amaze and win over customers

Your tool to amaze and win over customers

When was the last time you saw the eyes of your customer shining with astonishment?

Nowadays we are all in a hurry ..
We have already seen everything ..

When talking to someone you have only one moment to capture his attention. And at that moment you play the whole game.

It would be easier if you could transmit in a few seconds that feeling of trust that now takes weeks ..months.. to create ..

If you also think the same way you must know that someone else has already succeeded in this.

And they did it by simply showing their customers some pictures of our realistic cardboard kitchens.

You struggle to believe it, don’t you?
Then look here:

I’ll briefly translate those texts:


“Hi Fabiano,
Although late I wanted to answer you,
My name is Verónica ——- and by the name you will understand that I am not from Italy,
I have been living in Italy for 16 years, I arrived here at the age of 25 with a degree in Interior Design in my hands
taken in Argentina.
Just today I talked to a real estate agent interested in a collaboration. I showed him your cardboard kitchens … you should see his face !!!


I’m just gonna tell you that I showed him your kitchen and he was like “It’s that really cardboard??” I should take a video! It’s too funny to watch their reaction
And he congratulates you

Now, this kind of reactions are very common for those who see, for the first time, this innovative product.

It happens all the time.

It does not matter whether they are real estate agents or customers interested in visiting a property.
It does not matter whether they are male or female, young or old.

They all remain amazed

And do you know why?
Because they have never seen anything like this.
How could they?  There has never been anything like it until now ..

These realistic cardboard kitchens are the perfect tool to amaze and conquer in a few seconds more customers than you could manage.

Watch this short video again.

I met these nice people from Denmark during a tasting in a winery in Franciacorta.
When they told me that their son was working in real estate, I could not resist.
I took out the phone and showed them a picture of our kitchens.

Then I asked my girlfriend to make a video because I already knew how it would end ..

In fact it happens like this ALL the times.

Beautiful! I think it reproduces exactly what real estate agents and home stagers want as a first sight

That is Gian Luigi Sarzano speaking, author of “Staging System” the ebook for home stagers (if you have not read it yet you can download it for free by clicking this link) and real estate marketing coach. Every year he helps hundreds of real estate agents to bring their agency to success.

I met Gian Luigi because we live, literally, a handful of miles away from each other.
He was one of the first people to whom I asked for an opinion about our realistic cardboard kitchens because his thirty years experience in the business could help me to improve the project.

It was very useful for me to understand what a realtor thinks, how he reasons and what a real estate professional wants. 

Watch his reaction when I first show him our realistic cardboard kitchen (ENG subtitles available)

Surprising and winning over your customers can be quick and easy.
For a short time, even economic.

Access the presale and take advantage of the 20% discount to buy your next cardboard kitchen. Click the button below.

Power to professionals!

Fabiano Gollo
RE.DA – Realistic furniture for professional home staging projects

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