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[Case Study] Stunning rustic villa with pool in the heart of Tuscany

[Case Study] Stunning rustic villa with pool in the heart of Tuscany

Luxury Real Estate + Home Staging + Cardboard Furniture?

You always thought that cardboard furniture was not suitable to stage luxury properties….
And you know what?
You were right!

As you know, using cardboard in a high-end context is inconsistent. The customer thinks:

Are you really trying to sell me this penthouse for hundreds of thousands euros €€€ and using cardboard boxes tu stage it?

This single detail makes your professionalism fade and, as in a chain reaction, makes all the work you’ve done look “cheap”.

In short..that’s a real “own goal”.

On the opposite, what happens when we transform cardboard into Realistic Furniture by adding our high definition printing?

Ilaria Peperaio, aka Eletta Home Staging (elettahomestaging.com), is a professional Home Stager specializing in luxury real estate and real estate consultant as well as regional coordinator for the national association Home Staging Lovers.

Look at the whole gallery of this marvelous home staging project in a dream setting: a rustic villa with swimming pool immersed in the vineyards of Tuscany called, not surprisingly, Tuscany Wine

This farmhouse is located in the Tuscan countryside between Montepulciano and Cortona and surrounded by fine vineyards. The property was empty and therefore not “palatable” for potential customers … it did not excite. I was contacted by the real estate agency and then by the property. Once found an agreement I immediately started my work in order to met the very tight deadline! Result achieved: The visits have intensified since the first week after my staging.

Why did Ilaria choose RE.DA’ s products?

Before buying anything I was wondering
Will these kitchens really be as realistic as they appear in photos?”
Now I can say it … the answer is absolutely YES!

Given the excellent references I decided to buy one and I am happy to have chosen RE.DA because, unlike the cheaper alternatives, it also fits harmoniously into luxury properties that I usually treat.
This, at least for me, means that the kitchen look remains consistent with the rest of the property and in this case it has helped me to enhance an empty and sad kitchen so it was really usefull!
In particular I was amazed by the realism of the appliances, absolutely my favorite part.

I was followed throughout the purchasing phase and, even when critical situations arose, these were resolved in a short time. Also, delivery times were fast.
I highly recommend RE.DA’s product to colleagues and colleagues!

If you want your project to be effective you must make sure that they are consistent with the context. It is essential that the furniture, even the cardboard one, is suitable for the kind of property in which you place it.

Design loft downtown? Then a modern and linear style is better.
Cottage in the suburbs? Go for a classic style.

In short, to each property his own style!
That’s why it’s so crucial to have different kind of textures to choose from

If you haven’t done it yet, download the catalog and discover all the 7 textures available.

Power to professionals!

Fabiano Gollo Founder RE.DA – Realistic Cardboard Furniture

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