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[Case Study] 3 home staging projects in wondeful Cinque Terre, Italy

[Case Study] 3 home staging projects in wondeful Cinque Terre, Italy

Elisabetta Rossi is a professional home stager and founder of “Strategie per Vendere Casa” (Strategies to sell your house), the real estate marketing course that went sold-out from the very first edition

Look at the last 3 projects she has created in the splendid Cinque Terre, Italy


Elisabetta Rossi:

Why should you use home staging when you can spend much less with renders? 😒 Home staging service: € 3200 Rendering: 600 € With renderings you save € 2,600! Who makes you do it? ⛔️ Why should you bring customers up to CORNIGLIA in the heart of the 5 Terre after km and km of bends in the midst of vineyards, hills and cliffs overlooking the sea ?! ⛔️ Why should you try to close the deal while looking over the sea from the house itself, when you can do the same while showing a photo sitting in the office ?! ⛔️ Why should you make your customers walk among the furniture and decorations imagining their day looking while that view when you can just tell them to close their eyes and try to guess it from your photos ?! ⛔️ Why should you invest € 3200 when you can  let it go and do what everyone does … keeping it the way it is! And even better .. why should you spend € 600 in rendering … at this point keep those too and go get yourself a little holiday: you deserve it! 😁



Why did Elisabetta choose RE.DA’s products?

Elisabetta Rossi

Fabiano is the modern entrepreneur, a guy who finds only solutions before a problem. I contacted by chance, because I didn’t know how to solve a problem with my set-up. Available and careful, I immediately found the solution with him! Initially I thought that the product was more mediocre, with longer assembly times and already damaged in the second use. I decided to change and I would never go back. They are light, comfortable and easy to assemble with easily repositionable colors and textures! For a truly excellent and quality work it is impossible not to have the RE.DA.

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