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Sample Set

The sample set is the fundamental tool to see with your own eyes
the incredible degree of realism achieved by the RE.DA high definition printing system ,
that is the reason why there is no need to cover these modules
with any type of textile or other piece of furniture.
Our press will take care of enhancing the environments,
without you having to do anything but mount them.

Inside the sample you will find:


  • A sample of about 20x20cm of all the available textures, printed on the same cardboard as the modules are made of
  • The paper catalog, very convenient if you want to always have all the necessary information at hand.

The sample book has two purposes:


  • Allow you to see for yourself the degree of realism and sturdiness of our kitchens
  • Provide you with a marketing tool to show customers to always acquire new ones.
  • Help you to customize products in the order fase

Who has already bought it:

"The nice surprise today were these samples of high definition printed cardboard kitchens 👌🏻
Photographed by phone already make it so much, let alone with a professional camera 🤩
Here you see some but the finishes are many more, in short I think I have already fallen in love with furniture and realism ❤️"

Alessia Perlini
Vendi Casa Adesso - Verona

"And to me the fantastic sample of RE.DA has arrived
I hope one of these kitchens will soon be present in my productions."

Serenella Veronese
InVestiHome - Torino

"I have just received the samples of RE.DA - Realistic Cardboard Furnitures for #homestager. I am struck by the quality of the products, the precision in delivery but even more the story of how this project was born. I love the people who believe in it, risk it, put themselves at stake. They know of #success, they know of #intuition, they know of #talento. I love people who are not satisfied, who invent and who reinvent themselves, looking for it in their roots and in their own skills, the #tenacy and the #determination!"

Daniela De Angelis
Screening & Staging - Cosenza

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