All the pieces of furniture in the video are made of cardboard

Cardboard furniture that you won't distinguish from real ones
due to the unique High Definition Printing system!

RE.DA helps real estate agents, home stagers, builders and real estate investors to enhance the properties with easy thanks to this high resolution printed cardboard furnishings!

It takes just a few hours to furnish any home from scratch and transform cold and empty rooms into welcoming spaces


High definition printing system and Italian Design. The ultimate product (without compromises) for those who want to furnish buildings without the hassle of real furniture


The only cardboard furniture that remains new even after 10 different outfits, amortizing the investment over time.


Easy to assemble thanks to RAPIDO ,
the patented coupling system.
Easy to transport thanks to the lightness of the cardboard.
Easy to reposition thanks to the practicality of the modules.

"I wanted to create a product design that would enhance rooms simply by being there."

Fabiano Gollo - Founder RE.DA

RE.DA Kitchens
Three collections, Infinite customizations


Purchase from da €565

Living Room

Purchase from da €380

Double Bedroom

Purchase from da €391

Single Bedroom

Purchase from da €361

See this sofa?
It is made of cardboard

Discover Sofia, the first realistic cardboard sofa you can also sit on

Best Budget, the advice that helps you optimize your purchase
thanks to the experience of RE.DA's designers.

Discover the 6 Reasons to take advantage of the Best Budget consultancy even if you are a Designer or an Architect

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Your collegues opinions

I absolutely love RE.DA’s project and I think that RE.DA’s products are very innovative. Having the possibility to use cardboard kitchens with such a degree of realism and, additionally, the possibility to choose from such a variety of textures is what will make the difference for professional home stager.
Also, when it comes to durability these products are amazing. The first time I saw RE.DA’s products I was totally in shock because I couldn’t believe myself that it was cardboard. I had never seen something like this and I was like “ WOW! The degree of realism is 100%.” It’s no secret that I only use real furniture for my home staging projects but, given this new incredibile results, I will definetly buy RE.DA’s kitchens.

Sanja Radovanovic


Fabiano is the modern entrepreneur, a guy who finds solutions to any problem. I contacted him by chance, because I didn't know how to solve a problem with my stage. I immediately found the solution with him! Initially I thought that the product was too expensive so kept on buying other low cost alternatives but they were mediocre, with longer assembly times and already damaged if used twice. I decided to change to RE.DA's and I would never go back. They are light, comfortable and easy to assemble with easily repositionable colors and textures! For a truly excellent and quality work it is impossible not to use RE.DA's products.

Elisabetta Rossi

Founder of "Strategie per vendere casa"

RE.DA is a fantastic project, I think it is the natural evolution of the real estate business: It’s very useful both to the agent and the customer. I think that these tools give professionalism to the real estate agents and hey also help selling faster, so my opinion is very positive.
Morehower, with this furniture you can do home staging at the highest level with extreme ease of transport and assembly and you don’t need any warehouse.
In short, real estate agents now have the ultimate solution to stage the properties.

Gian Luigi Sarzano

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Trainer

Before buying I was wondering:
“Will these kitchens really be as realistic as they appear in photos?” Now I can say it … the answer is absolutely YES!
Given the excellent references I decided to buy one and I am happy to have chosen RE.DA because, unlike the cheaper alternatives, it also fits harmoniously into luxury properties that I usually treat. This, at least for me, means that the preparation of the kitchen remains in line with the rest of the property and in this case has helped me to enhance an empty and sad kitchen so it was really usefull! In particular I was amazed by the realism of the appliances, absolutely my favorite part. I was followed throughout the purchasing phase and, even when critical situations arose,
these were resolved in a short time. Also, delivery times were fast. I highly recommend RE.DA’s product to colleagues!

Ilaria Peperaio

Home Stager professionista

Fabiano is a fine example of courage in doing startup
and innovation in the real estate sector.
With its RE.DA. he is simplifying the concept of home staging, supporting the work of the evolved real estate agent and the homestaging professionals .
The idea of cardboard furniture is effective and economically convenient.
It makes welcoming any properties and it helps transfering the concept of “habitability” very well even to those environments that are less easy to stage due to maintenance conditions and age.  RE.DA it’s a concrete opportunity for real estate professionals to qualify the service provided to customers, both sellers and buyers. It’s difficult not to use it.

Gerardo Paterna

Real estate entrepreneur

Initially I decided to opt for RE.DA products because I was immediately struck by the variety of textures to choose from. Effective combinations, innovation and inventiveness were just some of the features I noticed immediately. The products are of great quality and with the RAPIDO assembly I didn't have any problems and I was able to complete my set up quickly. Fabiano proved to be attentive to detail, courteous and very helpful right away. I needed a color change and Fabiano immediately found a solution. For a quality Home Staging I definitely recommend the RE.DA.

Luana Cocchi

Home Stager

Are you intrigued by our project?
Work with RE.DA!

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