87% of home stagers admit that they are not satisfied about the collaboration with real estate agents.

Read this if it's the same for you.

Former real estate agent - now coaching succesfull real estate agency - reveals why home staging is seen as an unnecessary cost and the process of bypassing the barrier of distrust that your customers have towards you

If you are a home stager and you think that real estate agents and property owners have not understood how much value you add to their sales experience, read this report and discover the system in 3 simple steps to turn all the "We are not interested" into a "When can start the installation"?

With Gian Luigi Sarzano's advice you'll find out:

  •  Why real estate agents are so reluctant to invest in home staging, and how to reverse this fear in your favour.
  •  The emotional leverage to use in order to make real estate agents understand why they absolutely must do home staging if they value their reputation.
  •  The method by which you can become the point of reference for real estate agents in your area.
  •  How to make real estate agents look for you, and not you chasing them.
  •  How to deal with economic dynamics in order to acquire the customer on a permanent basis.
  •  How to turn the real estate agent into your most valuable ally and help him (without much effort...) convince the owner of the property to do home staging.

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